Kubernetes: Bind physical network interface


Is it possible to bind a Kubernetes pod or container to a physical network interface of the host such that all traffic arriving on the interface is sent to the pod (not just HTTP traffic on a specific port)?

Specifically, I want to start a VPN client as a pod on Kubernetes and bind it to a network interface. All traffic arriving on the interface should go via the pod through the VPN.

I found something about Network Plugins in K8s, but that seems to be something else.

-- CGFoX

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If I understood your question correctly you can do it. I am exposing an amqp application just by exposing the amqp port of my application via a NodePort service. What you need to do is define a new service which is almost exactly a service that you use for internal interaction but use LoadBalancer or NodePort as the service type.

-- AVarf
Source: StackOverflow