kubernetes: Node description and resources


This is the output of my kubectl describe node <node-name> -o yaml command:

  (Total limits may be over 100 percent, i.e., overcommitted.)
  Resource                   Requests    Limits
  --------                   --------    ------
  cpu                        374m (4%)   3151m (39%)
  memory                     493Mi (1%)  1939Mi (7%)
  ephemeral-storage          0 (0%)      0 (0%)
  attachable-volumes-gce-pd  0           0

Τhe requests are calculated based on the corresponding pod field? (resources.requests) Or is the node able to report the actual resource usage?

If the above is not the actual usage, is there a way to get the corresponding actual metrics?

(I mean via kubectl and not using something like prometheus and node-exporter)

-- pkaramol

1 Answer


It corresponds to the requests and limits of the containers running on the node.

To get the actual resource usage of each node, you can use:

kubectl top node

However, this requires you to install the Metrics Server which exposes these metrics through the Resource Metrics API, because kubectl top gets these metrics from the Resource Metrics API.

To install the Metrics Server, simply apply these YAML files.

-- weibeld
Source: StackOverflow