Configuration in configmap of fluentd is not getting added in /fluentd/etc/fluent.conf file


I am trying to use fluentd as a daemonSet which will run on a node where my application pods are running and convert the application logs into the stdout, So that it can be used to send to elastic search.

I created a configmap to load/add the extra configuration in fluent.conf but when I saw the logs of a daemon set it shows the config file contents where my entries from configmap is not present.

My configmap is like below:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: fluentd-config
  namespace: kube-system
  fluentd.conf: |
      type tail
      format none
      read_from_head true
      path /var/log/node1/app.log
      pos_file /var/log/node1/app.log.pos
      tag noappTag
    <match **>
      type stdout

But still, I am not able to see my contents. Is this normal behavior?

If not, then how can I confirm that fluentd is able to convert my application logs written into file into STDOUT.


is available inside the fluentd pod. I went inside and checked.

-- Nish

1 Answer


Your have configured this configmap in pod settings ?? If not then please configure configmap setting in pod.yaml file as a volume or env variables.

-- vaibhav kharode
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