Elastic IP for Rancher server provisioned using Terraform


I am provisioning a Rancher server on to for my Kubernetes cluster on AWS. From the Rancher documentation. I followed the steps defined here.

The Rancher server provisions alright at it is assigned a public IP. However, I want to use a Elastic IP for my rancher server. So i created a Elastic IP and assigned it to the Rancher server.

On doing so I am unable to create any cluster using the Rancher UI. The provisions fails with the error "at least 1 etcd server needs to be registered"

If I do not assign a static IP and use the same IP that is assigned when the terraform creates the rancher server, the cluster creation is alright.

I am guessing that assigning the Elastic IP to the rancher server is not enough. Although it allows you to connect to the Rancher server with the Elastic IP, it needs to be updated in some config file that is being referred while creating the cluster.

What I am intend to achieve is to assign a static IP to the rancher server.

-- Debdeep Das

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