Cannot access deployed spring-boot RESTful API in Minikube


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And It seems I am able to run my spring-boot RESTful application as it is showing in the Minikube Dashboard. The problem is when I try to execute kubectl get pods or kubectl get svc I am not seeing my application. The kubernetes namespace that my application using is test. I'm really puzzled now on how can I access my application. Please shed some light. Thanks!

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Run, kubectl get pods -n test, kubectl get svc -n test and this should show you the desired output.

By default, Kubernetes starts with the following three namespaces: Default: Catch-all namespace for all objects not belonging to either of the kube-public or kube-system namespaces. The default namespace is used to hold the default set of pods, services, and deployments used by the cluster. Since, your pod is in a custom namespace test (you created). You'll need to specify the namespace where your deployment is been created or pod is been deployed.

So, kubectl get pods is actually kubectl get pods -n default meaning show pods in default namespace. hence, doing kubectl get pods -n test will show you all your pods in test namespace.

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