Error when trying to get Azure Kubernetes Service to use Cluster Load balancer from Service


I'm working to get Streamsets Data Collector running in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and when I run kubectl .... the service appears to be up, however its giving this error. This is an RBAC AKS Cluster so I think I need to give the service principal permissions AND/OR do a cluster role binding to that service in Kubernetes. Any ideas?

Kubernetes Error SDC Service

-- Rob

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The error shows invalid client. It probably means that the original service principal secret of your AKS cluster is invalid or expired. See the similar error here.

Follow that link, you can find the original client secret when you deploy the AKS cluster, so that you can re-add that as a key to the Service Principal. On the master and node VMs in the Kubernetes cluster, the service principal credentials are stored in the file /etc/kubernetes/azure.json.

On the VM page---Run command---choose RunShellScript---Enter cat /etc/kubernetes/azure.json and click "Run" then you could find the property aadClientSecret.

For more details, you could read Service principals with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

-- Nancy Xiong
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