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We have setup a Kubernetes cluster with a specific service-cluster-ip-range. Now, this range is fully used with IP addresses, so we cannot create new services. When trying to do so, we get the following error:

Warning  ProvisioningFailed  2s    persistentvolume-controller  Failed to provision volume with StorageClass "glusterfs-storage": failed to create volume: failed to create endpoint/service default/glusterfs-dynamic-gluster-vol-mongodb-data-03: error creating service: Internal error occurred: failed to allocate a serviceIP: range is full

We must increase or change the cluster IP range.

We havn't found any documentation on how to change the cluster IP range. Is that even possible? What would be the steps to do it?


-- Florian Coulmier

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Check official documentation

The default configurations for both Weave Net and Docker use Private Networks, whose addresses are never found on the public Internet, and subsequently reduces the chance of IP overlap. However, it could be that you or your hosting provider are using some of these private addresses in the same range, which will cause a clash.

If after weave launch, the following error message appears:

Network overlaps with existing route on host.
ERROR: Default --ipalloc-range overlaps with existing route on host.
You must pick another range and set it on all hosts.

As the message indicates, the default range that Weave Net would like to use is - a 12-bit prefix, where all addresses start with the bit pattern 000010100010, or in decimal everything from through

However, your host is using a route for, which overlaps, since the first 8 bits are the same. In this case, if you used the default network for an address like the kernel would never be sure if this meant the Weave Net network of or the hosting network of

If you are sure the addresses you want are not in use, then explicitly setting the range with --ipalloc-range in the command-line arguments to weave launch on all hosts forces Weave Net to use that range, even though it overlaps. Otherwise, you can pick a different range, preferably another subset of the Private Networks. For example

-- VKR
Source: StackOverflow