Is it possible to create Amazon EKS cluster in other regions apart from us-west-2, us-east-1, eu-west-1?


From the below link,

Amazon EKS is available in the following Regions at this time:

US West (Oregon) (us-west-2) US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1) EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1).

Is it possible to create AWS EKS cluster apart from this regions? Example, to deploy in us-west-1 or us-east-2.

I have created a terraform script to create the EKS cluster using existing VPCs. However, it fails with below error, I am trying to create the EKS cluster in us-west-1 region.

error creating EKS Cluster: RequestError: send request failed caused by: Post dial tcp: lookup on XX.XX.XX.XX:53: no such host

-- Sunil Gajula

1 Answer


No, It is not possible. As EKS is a managed service, you cannot create a cluster of it is not available in that region.

-- sudheerchamarthi
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