Adding nodes to a Windows Minikube Kubernetes Installation - How?


I have MiniKube running on my Windows 10 machine. I would like to add an additional node to the cluster.

  1. I have a Centos VM running on a different host that has k8s installed. How to I get the kubectrl join command to run on the VM from the master node running on my Windows machine?
  2. Do I need to install an overlay network on the MiniKube VM? Or is one already installed?
-- TheEdge

1 Answer


Minikube is officially single-node at the moment. There's a discussion about this limitation at But it seems people have found ways to do it with VirtualBox and there are other ways to run a multi-node cluster locally. Otherwise I'd suggest creating a cluster with one of the cloud providers (e.g. GKE).

-- Ryan Dawson
Source: StackOverflow