Nginx-Ingress is not exposing Kubernetes Services


So, I have Kubernetes installed on a private server with IP (let's say it's 9.150). And then I have a (long) single yaml file like this:

*(Make it simple, there's a deployment with 1 Express App (billing-api), 1 React App (billing-web) Redis (3 app in 1 pod) and another pod for curl. And then, there are some services that used for accessing external service, 2 ConfigMaps for billing-api and billing-web env, billing-service service with 80 (billing-web) and 1234 (billing-api) ports and Ingress Nginx Installed.)

kubernetes.yaml *Sorry, cannot paste it here, marked as spam.

Then I run kubectl apply -f kubernetes.yaml, also I already have Ingress Nginx running with:

kubectl apply -f

For testing that each pods can communicate, I run kubectl exec -it pod/curl -- sh and then run curl billing-service:1234 and curl billing-service commands, and they return the right result from billing-service service. I also have edited the /etc/hosts and add the following lines:

But, the problem is, when I try to curl from 9.150, it says:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused


curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused

I thought that I miss a part of Kubernetes Deployment, but I have no idea about that (since I was following a tutorial in YT with Minikube installed instead of the real Kubernetes on a server).

I've trying to google it, but I was limited about what really happened here. Please tell me if there's an exact issue in StackOverflow.

This is my screenshot of kubectl get all and kubectl get all --namespace ingress-nginx: kubectl get all

-- TheArKa

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