Kubernetes - ingress controller vs ingress


New guy here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the differentiating characteristics that I could use to identify ingress controllers vs ingresses via yamls and services. I have a preexisting cluster and I think the Ingress controller may have been installed via helm but I am not sure. Is there a way to get a look at the yaml that helm uses when installing the nginx ingress controller?

-- GYama

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You can view the yaml manifest when you pass --dry-run flag to your helm install/upgrade command. Please refer to the official documentation https://helm.sh/docs/helm/helm/

-- hdhruna
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If you want to see the YAML a chart might generate you can use the template command

helm template rel1 repo1/chart1 -f values.yaml


If you want to see the manifest that helm used in the past?

helm history myrelease -n namespace1
helm get manifest myrelease --revision 5 -n namespace1
-- Mark O'Connor
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