Why does my autofs service do not run on my linux container?


When deploying my system using kubernetes, autofs service is not running on the container.

running service autofs status returns the following error:

[FAIL] automount is not running ... failed!

running service autofs start returns the following error:

[....] Starting automount.../usr/sbin/automount: test mount forbidden or incorrect kernel protocol version, kernel protocol version 5.00 or above required. failed (no valid automount entries defined.).

  • /etc/fstab file does exist in my file system.
-- Nadav Miran

1 Answer


You probably didn't load the module for it. Official documenatation: autofs.

One of the reason for this error too,can be /tmp directory is not present or it's permission/ownership is wrong. Check if your /etc/fstab file exists.

Useful blog: nfs-autofs.

-- MaggieO
Source: StackOverflow