Cannot find the specs of Kubernetes Manifests


I've been through a huge amount of stuff on and just want to be able to find definitions of what fields I need for what K8s structures I'm trying to develop. I want to be able to create persistent volumes and understand what the options are and be able to encode that in a sensible way. Surely these are somewhere?

I get this is a terrible question, but I feel like I'm trying to code these manifests up with a mixture of random rubbish from Google and examples, which I'm pretty sure is a terrible way to develop production critical infrastructure.

-- David Boshton

1 Answer


You can check the resource spec for kubernetes by consulting the Web API (this is for v1.15).

If you do not want to leave the CLI, you can also use kubectl explain, for instance:

# check description of a persistent volume spec
$ kubectl explain persistentvolume.spec
-- gonzalesraul
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