How to deploy image to kubernetes with jib and maven


I have environment where I can simply push images(created with Jib) to local repository. I want to now to be able to deploy this on kubernetes, but from the "safety" of maven.

I know I can spin some Skaffold magic, but I don't like to have it installed separately. Is there some Jib-Skaffold workflow I can use to continuously force Skaffold to redeploy on source change(without running it in command line)

Is there some Skaffold plugin? I really like what they have here, but proposed kubernetes-dev-maven-plugin is probably internal only.

-- Zveratko

1 Answer


Skaffold can monitor your local code and detect changes that will trigger a build and deployment in your cluster. This is built-in on Skaffold using the dev mode so it solves the redeploy on source change part.

As for the workflow, Jib is a supported builder for Skaffold so the same dynamic applies.

Although these features automate the tasks, it is still necessary to run it once with skaffold dev and let it run in the "background".

-- yyyyahir
Source: StackOverflow