How to install Kubernetes v1.10.11 on a GCP cluster?


There was recently a Kubernetes security hole that was patched in v1.10.11 (among other versions), so I would like to upgrade to that version. I am currently on v1.10.9. However, when running the command gcloud container get-server-config to get the list of valid node versions, v1.10.11 doesn't show up. Instead, it jumps straight from v1.10.9 to v1.11.2.

Does anyone have any idea why I cannot seem to use the usual gcloud container clusters upgrade [CLUSTER_NAME] --cluster-version [CLUSTER_VERSION] to upgrade to this version?

Thanks in advance!

-- fallaciouschinchilla

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If you have Kubernetes in v1.10.9 you should (to patch this security hole) update your GKE Cluster to 1.10.9-gke.5.

The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades for existing clusters:


Please validate your Scheduled master auto-upgrades option in GKE. If it's enabled your cluster masters were auto-upgraded by Google and the next possible version to update is further version so v1.11.2, what is showing by GKE for you.

Source: StackOverflow