Gluster Arbiter-3 StorageClass volumetype in kubernetes-gluster?


What volumetype would I use in my kubernetes-gluster StorageClass for arbiter-3 volumes?

-- cMax

2 Answers


If you want to configure Gluster volumes manually, there is no difference for Kubernetes what to mount - the regular GlusterFS volume or the GlusterFS Arbiter-3 volume. So, Volume Type should be glusterfs and you need to provide only the Volume name. Here is the example, more information is here:

"volumes": [
    "name": "glusterfsvol",
    "glusterfs": {
      "endpoints": "glusterfs-cluster",
      "path": "kube_vol",
      "readOnly": true

If you want Kubernetes to provision Gluster volumes automatically, you need to dig deeper. Use these instructions from GitHub.

-- Artem Golenyaev
Source: StackOverflow


In the parameters section of the StorageClass you can

volumeoptions: user.heketi.arbiter true

Any PVCs provisioned through that StorageClass will have one arbiter and two data bricks.

-- Niels de Vos
Source: StackOverflow