How can I get the pods resource usage via kubernetes go-client?


I am trying to build an API, which can send back my pods' resource usage. Looking at the resources being used by the pods, I am not able to figure out the go-client API to send the request to. Any help will be very appreciated.

-- Shibu

1 Answer

  1. I'm pretty sure the kuberetes-dashboard uses XHR to obtain that data, so you can make the same requests your browser does, provided your serviceAccount has the correct credentials to interrogate the kubernetes-dashboard API

  2. either way, that timeseries data surfaced by kubernetes-dashboard actually comes from heapster, not from the kubernetes API itself, so the kubernetes go-client wouldn't be involved but rather would be a query to the heapster Service (which IIRC does not require authentication, although it would require constructing the correct heapster query syntax, which kubernetes-dashboard is doing on your behalf)

-- mdaniel
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