using cloudsql proxy without credentials


I'm currently trying to deploy phpmyadmin on GKE to use with google cloud SQL. I'm following this tutorial

But is there some way to connect to google cloud SQL without supplying credentials to cloudsql-proxy pod?

I'd like to have the phpmyadmin users to supply their own credentials using browser and not having to update the phpmyadmin deployment when they change - they are unnecessary to store in this case I think. PHPMyAdmin will not try to connect to SQL server on its own.

I've tried to add my GKE cluster to authorized networks of google cloud SQL, but I got an error saying, that internal networks are not allowed.

What should I do in this case ?

-- Jan Imrich

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I've re-read the docs and realized that db-credentials and instance-credentials are different thing. I created service account which is used by cloudsql-proxy to access the cloud SQL instance. DB credentials is not something that I should supply to cloudsql-proxy.

-- Jan Imrich
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